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    Elevated Solutions is a premier aerial data acquisition, imagery and integration company that employs the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems and technologies essential to many unique and emerging applications. We provide enhanced information quickly, at a substantial cost savings to traditional methods. We are UAV systems integrators, providing consulting, training and repair services for in-house employment and maintenance of UAV systems.

    The processed datasets and captured imagery yield measurable calculations and stunning views…providing you with information and a new perspective of your subjects that you may have never seen before. Our services have been utilized for site inspections, planning & documentation, geographical surveys, area & volumetric analysis, promotional & marketing and many other interests.

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    Our Mission

    Elevated Solutions was founded in 2012 with the aim to provide cost effective aerial services to the commercial and construction industry. Since that time, we have seen a rapid development of expansive applications and hardware systems.  Our small hardworking team prides itself on maintaining our position in the industry as a leader through experience and innovation. Our passion for this technology keeps us engaged at the highest level.

    We are part of a global Search & Rescue network of UAV pilots dedicated to assisting local authorities in the search and rescue of missing persons, or persons of interest.

    We are members of the UAVUS Coalition, an association that works with politicians who advocate for the commercial use of UAVs and regulations.


    Photography & Videography

    Aerial imagery has quickly become a cost effective and vital component for many companies and industries. In addition to…

    Construction Planning & Documentation

    Site location analysis utilizing our derived 3D models, orthomosaic maps, elevation histograms and plant health maps, we provide

    Surveying & Engineering

    A variety of digital surface & terrain models, elevation histograms, georeferenced & orthomosaic maps and point cloud contours (DSMs) are…

    Thermal Imaging

    Thermal imaging is the fastest and safest method to reveal a spectrum of heat signatures that cannot be seen…

    Inspections & Monitoring

    Aerial inspections are currently servicing many different industries and are now regarded as the safest and most cost effective approach to…

    Training & Support

    We offer individual, corporate and public seminar training to provide the knowledge and skills to be able to plan and…

    Custom Applications & UAVs

    We provide engineering and fabrication services for custom UAV systems and equipment. We work with clients to design and…

    Insurance & Damage Assessment

    Serving adjusters and asset owners. Pre and post storm surveys. Claims adjustment – inspection and supporting documentation. Inventory/Asset Verification.

    Disaster Response

        We are nationally registered with Air Bears to provide volunteer aid to authorities and emergency response personnel…

    Employing Innovative Technology

     We use a combination of custom built and commercially available components to produce UAV platforms that precisely match the required application. Our fleet of various UAV platforms allow us to choose the perfect equipment for the operating environment, while maintaining the highest level of safety during the acquisition process. We engineer, fabricate, test, modify, and maintain our own equipment which allows us to quickly integrate the latest technology.

    Our FAA licensed and insured pilots possess extensive experience operating the technology that allows us to obtain this information from the most inaccessible locations. We employ detailed procedures and protocols to provide the safest approach at all times. If your project is within FAA controlled airspace or involves a condition outside of the current regulations, we will facilitate the required application for airspace authorization or wavier permit operations. We’ve got you covered!


    John C. Windels

    Chief Pilot & Engineer, has been piloting and engineering a wide variety of unmanned vehicles for over 25 years.  He  provides the leadership for our company and works closely with partners and clients to define and solve their data and imagery acquisition needs. John was one of the first individuals in the country to become a FAA licensed commercial sUAS pilot and has hundreds of hours of flight time with a 100% safety record. Additionally, he performs the engineering and R&D responsibilities for Elevated Solutions.

    John’s professional appointments have included the research and development of several commercial products currently in use by IBM, bio-medical instrumentation for FDA submission, large scale microwave systems for use by GM, global remote access systems for Gartner Group and much more. In addition, John has a formidable background experience in commercial project management and general contracting involving complex designs requiring detailed coordination and implementation for an elite clientele.

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    Recently featured by Hearst Media in their Greenwich to Norwalk publications. The article highlights a recent partnership announcement, some of our background, and our current industry position. Although our services extend beyond the article’s details, it was obvious to us years ago, that the marriage of drones and surveying was inevitable from their inception. 



    Courtesy: Hearst Media

    “This summer, Windels announced his business partnership with Earth Image, another Greenwich-based company run by Michael Finkbeiner. The pair has been working together for years, but the announcement arrives as they believe they’ve honed their collaboration and anticipate pushing ahead on drone technology used for aerial data acquisition and land surveying.

    Today, he and his business partner Finkbeiner, who launched Earth Image under the name Resource Image and Mapping around 20 years ago, provide services that include construction planning documentation, insurance and damage assessment, surveying and engineering, property inspections and monitoring, and thermal imaging.

    The backbone of their business is their combined ability to provide top-notch photogrammetry services, which entails producing maps with precise data points validated for accuracy.



    For example, contour lines are frequently used to show the elevation of properties, but their technology can create highly detailed maps showing half an inch of rise per pixel.

    “This is a whole new tool for evaluating topography that hasn’t existed since the development of contour lines,” Windels said.

    Finkbeiner, who earned his graduate degree in forest science from Yale University and has provide land and map planning expertise for the likes of the Rockefeller family, said he only dreamed of this sort of technology when he began his career decades prior to the launch of Google Earth.



    By generating flight patterns for drones to capture plots of land or sea, the partners’ record billions of data points that can be reproduced into a variety of images and maps as well as 3-D renditions. Their drones typically help them complete surveying projects in a small fraction of the time it would take for a team of humans to do it by themselves, they said.

    By next spring, they pair hopes also to have an unmanned boat ready for operation to use in their water-based survey projects. “We’re like the Marines of surveying,” Windels said. “We operate in the land, sea or air.”

    Michael Finkbeiner of Earth Image, has an extensive history in photogrammetry – the science of making measurements from photographs for recovering the exact positions of surface points. As a former professor, Michael taught surveying and photogrammetry at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science. Photogrammetry is as old as modern photography, dating to the mid-19th century and in the simplest example, the distance between two points that lie on a plane parallel to the photographic image plane, can be determined by measuring their distance on the image, if the scale(s) of the image is known. 


    Derived 3D Model

    The scale of detail that we are able to repeatably attain with our low flying drones and high resolution cameras, greatly rivals that of any manned aircraft. Once we introduced our capabilities of photogrammetric mapping and 3D modeling to Earth Image, we began to explore utilizing their survey control methods and equipment to produce highly accurate and certified data. The relationship between our companies for the past year has allowed us to hone this process, and provide our clients with extremely accurate deliverables. Sharing our workflows, outputs and knowledge has quickly enabled us to become a leader in this field. Chief Pilot & Engineer for Elevated Solutions, John Windels, stated “I enjoy utilizing my past experiences in electronics and construction, while currently expanding my knowledge in learning the technicalities of GIS and surveying. Working with Michael has been great, he is an incredibly smart and knowledgeable person that is pleasure to collaborate with.”


    The miniaturization of current technology, such as LiDAR, is progressing at an astonishing rate. Our companies have the combined technical expertise to employ these new developments as they become available. As we continue to push the limits of current technology, we are also working to develop a small sea based vessel (drone) to autonomously perform hydrographic (underwater) surveys. These services are currently performed via one of our full sized manned boats, but by reducing the size and eliminating the human factor, we will be able to quickly and more accurately obtain our data. This approach parallels the application for which aerial drones have improved the speed, quality, safety and cost over manned aircraft.

    As our already established client base continues to grow, we are also working with other engineering firms to provide our technology resources. Some of these projects can only be performed by our current technology due to there location and topography. We are excited about the continued future and the challenging projects on our horizon. For question or inquiries about our services, please contact us at online or call 203-869-8422.


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