Drones take on increasingly important role in land, infrastructure, and property development

The name of the game in the drone industry right now is not necessarily drone itself, but how to apply it. Most coastal areas are difficult, costly and unsafe to survey with traditional methods. As a result, drones have quickly become a highlight in the damage assessment of our recent hurricanes in TX and FL. The primary beneficiaries of everyday survey applications are the construction and development firms. Drones can survey construction sites on average 20 times faster than ground-based land surveying teams. Elevated Solutions has performed hundreds of these surveys. Our experience with this application has allowed us to hone the process and client data deliverables.

“Drone surveying and monitoring saves time and labor costs, and produces better data, says Matthew Cua, founder and chief executive of SkyEye Analytics

Drones are changing the face of construction, making land, infrastructure, and property development easier by providing builders unparalleled access to data and imagery.

This is because traditional surveying methods require workers operating in often dense undergrowth with equipment having to belaboriously moved from place to place, whereas drones can easily fly over areas hard or impossible to access, or dangerous.

“By acquiring various sets of data, drones are becoming an essential tool on construction sites and during regular maintenance and asset inventory,” said Adam Wisniewski, director of PwC’s drone-powered solutions team.

Its data also shows their use can cut the number of life-threatening accidents by 91 per cent, on average.”

Full Article: South China Morning Post