Endeavor Robotics to Provide U.S. Government with Throwable UGV

Endeavor Robotics is a leading supplier of battle ready UGVs. UGV is a term that most are unfamiliar with – Unmanned Ground Vehicle. This small, 5.2 pound mini tank is appropriately named “FirstLook”. It is waterproof, rugged and can easily be tossed into action to provide situational awareness. Four internally mounted cameras give the operator a view from all directions. A two-way audio system allows the operator to communicate with anyone it encounters. To further it’s capabilities, multiple FirstLook units can be deployed to allow the relay of reliable communications. This technology is called a mesh network, and greatly increases the operational range in challenging environments. The U.S. now wants 75 of these units for immediate deployment…we wouldn’t mind having one as well.

Endeavor Robotics, a developer of tactical ground robotics, has announced that it has been awarded a contract for 75 FirstLook unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) from the United States Government for immediate operational use.

FirstLook robots are widely fielded worldwide across multiple sectors, including military, law enforcement and the energy industry. The five-pound ‘throwable’ robot can be dropped 15-feet onto concrete without sustaining injury. The day/night cameras and two-way audio provide the user with immediate awareness of their surroundings. FirstLooks are often used in assessing dangerous situations, clearing buildings, and detecting IEDs. The robots can climb up to seven inches and can ‘self-right’ when flipped over.”

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