Construction Planning & Documentation

Site location analysis utilizing our derived 3D models, orthomosaic maps, elevation histograms and plant health maps, we provide essential information that cannot be obtained as rapidly by any other current method.  These detailed orbital and overviews quickly aid in bid values, site selection and project progress by allowing easy identification of topography issues/changes, optimal structure placement, drainage planning, fill removal, supply volume calculations, and more.

Hundreds of images are acquired our during our survey flight operations. These images are stitched together, using advanced computers and algorithms, to create a single georeferenced orthomosaic map. This high resolution map provides clear details, uniform scale, and is location referenced for each image pixel.datasets


Utilizing georeferenced points, a 3D model is also generated that allows you to fully examine your project or asset by unlimited rotating, zooming and panning, for an overview of the topography in a way you may have never seen before.

*Please note – this model requires an advanced computing processor and may not be suitable for most mobile devices.

Additional information can be accessed via a secure website portal. This portal utilizes an intuitive interface and powerful map engine that allows additional views of your data and analysis calculations to be performed quickly with ease. See our Surveying & Engineering services section for a more detailed description.

High resolution vantage point vistas (i.e.36th floor elevation) can be accurately obtained and provide site line perspectives before any plans are committed.

Undistorted 360 panoramas present the ultimate elevation overviews. These panoramas allow orbital and zoom manipulation to easily discover the finest viewpoints.

Documentation compliance and management is easily fulfilled with high resolution still imagery and time lapse videos. Recurring imagery helps to mitigate risk by serving as photographic evidence. Time lapse videos are created from a series of images captured at fixed intervals (daily, weekly, monthly) from any static point in space to detail the entire or targeted point construction process.

Great example of construction documentation – How to Leverage Drone-Generated Point Clouds in BIM Software