Surveying & Engineering

A variety of digital surface & terrain models, elevation histograms, georeferenced & orthomosaic maps and point cloud contours (DSMs) are derived from the datasets that we acquire.  These file sets can be exported for integration into your own software or BIM. We provide access to a secure website portal that utilizes an intuitive interface and powerful map engine.  Additional views of your data and analysis calculations can be performed quickly with ease. Annotation and team collaboration can also be performed directly on the portal by inviting your co-workers and associates to share the project.



3D Model:
*Please note – this model requires an advanced computing processor and may not be suitable for most mobile devices.

Instantly determine 2D area, distance, elevations and 3D volumetric (stockpile and depression) calculations on highly detailed orthomoasic maps with just a few clicks. These tools replace manual estimates, reducing delays, rush orders costs, and excess inventory.

Elevation profile analysis is dynamic and effortless.

Elevation histogram analysis is also easily evaluated by adjusting threshold sliders and drop-down menus.

The acquired and processed data results are a vast time saving measure that can expedite and ensure meeting project deadlines and reduce downtime costs. Below is an example of a time saving comparison of our aerial service over traditional ground-based surveying.

31.4 Acre Project – Elevation Contours.
– Traditional survey: Field work 42.6 hours + data processing 22.5 hours = 65.1 hours
– UAV survey: Field work 2.8 hours + data processing 4.1 hours = 6.9 hours
Total time savings employing our UAV services = 58.2 hours

This savings in time relates directly to a lower cost of service. Additional benefits include less utilization of ground crew, greater safety, more detail, and a faster deliverable to you.

Our processed datasets can be exported for use in common Geographical Surveying/GIS software such as AutoCAD, ArcGIS, QGIS and AgLeader. The file types include *.dxf, *.las, *.xyz, *.shp, *.obj, *.jpg and GeoTIFF.