Inspections & Monitoring

Aerial inspections are currently servicing many different industries and are now regarded as the safest and most cost effective approach to obtaining information from difficult or unsafe areas of access. Large areas can be inspected in less time and at lower costs, allowing more frequent analysis, faster problem recognition and fewer negative outcomes.

Subjecting your employees to potentially dangerous locations can easily be avoided, resulting in lower risk exposures.





Inspections of flare stacks, chimneys, cooling towers, and other critical objects can be performed while the asset remains online, eliminating shutdown or off-line situations, resulting in cost reductions.cooling-tower

All of our platforms are equipped with GPS, altitude and compass sensors. This information, with a host of other sensor and flight information, is displayed in real time on our ground stations. Our high resolutions 3-axis gimbal stabilized camera images and videos are transmitted to our high definition portable displays, providing you precise and detailed information with almost zero latency. We can conduct safe operations without compromising image quality even with 20 mph wind gusts.

Monitoring and recurring inspections can be programmed to perform the exact same positioning each and every time.  By acquiring the imagery from the exact same point in space, it is easy to monitor progression or make accurate prognosis of any critical component degeneration.