Photography & Videography

Aerial imagery has quickly become a cost effective and vital component for many companies and industries. In addition to the cost savings, the flexibility of our aerial platforms allow us to fly much closer to a building or property to showcase the design in a way that is best perceived.

We are specialists in the acquisition and processing of aerial photography and video. We invest in the latest capture and production technologies to ensure we deliver the highest quality and best value with the safest approach possible. All of our platforms utilize high resolution still and 4K video cameras, mounted on 3-axis stabilized gimbals.

Full production image and video editing services are available to meet most any requirement. Printing and framing services are also an option.

Captivating 360 panoramas are created using a series of images taken from a single vantage point and stitched together to create a single rectilinear image. This process results in a highly detailed undistorted panorama, unlike the distortion present in fisheye lenses commonly used.

These panorama images can also be acquired by our equipment on non-flight applications such as building interiors.  Utilizing multiple panoramas and additional software, we produce interactive virtual tours of any location.

Live internet video streaming during production operations is available for remote monitoring or other events. Broadcast platforms include custom RTMPs and many other popular protocols.