Training & Support

We offer individual, corporate and public seminar training to provide the knowledge and skills to be able to plan and execute an aerial mission regardless of platform.  Our in-depth instruction draws on our extensive experience across a wide range of industries.

We develop a course curriculum which focuses on precise appropriate training dedicated to the clients requirements. Advanced principle theories and hands-on guidance provide valuable insight and minimize potential costly pitfalls.  Flexibility in curriculum, location, timing and pricing allow our clients to obtain the targeted solution results.

We provide all levels of expert technical support for our clients. Our support services range from custom designs, builds and equipment modification to FAA required routine maintenance, repair and documentation.  Additionally, we are always available for phone and email instruction. Emergency response is also available to ensure that you complete your objective safely and on time.

From beginning your interest, to managing your fleet of aerial platforms, we have you covered.

Some of our training and service details include:

  • Personal pilot training, hands-on piloting with individual trainer and instructor override controls
  •  Preparation & risk assesment
  • Part 107 test preparation
  •  System components, theory & build seminars
  • Control inputs and peripherals management
  • Maintenance and documentation
  • Licensing & registration
  •  Flight controller and post processing software applications